Student Loan Forgiveness for Healthcare Workers

There are three student loan forgiveness programs available for healthcare workers.

National Institutes of Health for Healthcare Researchers

Student loan forgiveness is available for medical and health researchers and professionals through the National Institutes of Health. These programs are designed to attract researchers to the National Institutes of Health and could mean upwards to $70,000 in education debt repayment in exchange for working a minimum of 20 hours a week for two years.

National Health Service Corps for Rural Healthcare Areas

The National Health Service Corps offers student loan forgiveness and service payback for healthcare professionals willing to work as primary healthcare providers for areas of the country where healthcare is in high demand, such as rural locations. They offer up to $50,000 for student loans in exchange for two years of service. They sign a contract of agreement to provide healthcare for these shortage areas.

Nurse Reinvestment Act for Nurses

The Nurse Reinvestment Act, signed into law in 2002, provides a payback program for nursing students; this includes both scholarships and student loan forgiveness. In order to qualify, nurses must agree to work in a nursing facility for a pre-determined set of time.

For more information about each of these programs, consult the respective organization’s website or a government resource. These programs could cover up to 100% of your tuition in a healthcare education program.

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