Optometric Assistant

An optometric assistant is a medical assistant that specializes in assisting an optometrist (link to: optometrist). Optometric assistant schools teach these specialized assistants how to facilitate the administrative and clinical aspect of an optometrist’s appointment, including scheduling appointments; handling paperwork; and interacting with patients.

The optometry assistant is usually the first face a patient sees when entering an optometry office, playing a crucial role in the optometrist’s team. To learn how to join this team, feel free to request information on optometric assistant schools.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the location and salary varies salary significantly, though the median wage of medical assistants—optometric assistants included—is approximately $28,000. The lowest 10% earned around $20,000 and the highest 10% earned over $40,000.

Training and Qualifications

An optometry assistant may be trained on-the-job, although employers prefer the completion of a program from optometric assistant schools, such as National Career Education. Optometric assistant training may be found at vocational or trade schools as well as at the community college level.
In larger facilities, the optometry assistant ants may be required to perform some of the diagnosis tests for eye-related illness; especially in these cases, previous education is a benefit for employment.

No licensure or certification is required, although the optometric assistant may pursue optional certification through the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) or the Association of Medical Technologists (AMT).

Job Outlook

An optometric assistant is considered specialized medical assistants and share the same Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The projection of growth is 34%, one of the highest of all career options in the United States. This is largely attributed to the accelerated growth of health care occupations and the need for assistance within those fields, optometry included.


Optometric assistants may advance their career by going on to teaching or pursuing additional education for other healthcare positions, such as nursing. In larger optometry offices, some optometric assistants may be eligible for managerial roles after several years.

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