Reasons to Date a Doctor

Top 10 Reasons to Date a Doctor

August 23rd, 2010

If you’re still hot on the pursuit, looking for someone to date, you should consider dating a doctor! All of the medical dramas on T.V. have many people screaming, “I want to date a doctor,” and the list below explains some of the reasons why.

There are many benefits of dating a doctor and it can be a great experience. You may be wondering can a doctor date a patient? Of course! Obviously, with respect to the fact that both parties are unmarried, willing and available. If you don’t know any unmarried, date-able doctors, then check out a doctors dating site to be matched with a single doctor! If you’re wondering how to date a doctor, a dating site for doctors is the place to do it. These online dating services match you with available medical professionals so that you can date the doctor of your dreams!

Dating a doctor definitely has some major benefits. Let’s look at a few of the reasons to date a doctor!

Top 10 Reasons to Date a Doctor:

1. Financial stability– One of the fabulous perks of dating a doctor is their bank account. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median yearly wages of general practitioners were $186,044 in 2008, while specialists usually made more, about $339,738 per year. How much they earned also depended on how long they had been practicing, where they lived, how many hours they worked and how good a doctor they were. If you want to date a doctor or date a nurse, make sure they know you’re not just after their money!

2. They’re smart- They went through A LOT of schooling to get where they’re at. They had to take sciences and maths that would make the average head spin! Doctors begin by completing an undergraduate degree in a life science or Healthcare-focused degree. If you want to become a doctor yourself, you should start by completing a college degree program for doctors. While obtaining this degree, the pre-med students are studying for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), which will determine if they are eligible to attend medical school or not. Once they pass the MCAT, they will spend another four years at a medical school, followed by a 3-8 year (depending on specialization) residency in a hospital, and then, ultimately, apply for their license to practice.

3. Can’t gross them out– Doctors have seen the worst of the worst. Your funky skin rash isn’t going to send them running for the hills. With the gross things they deal with everyday, it is very hard to surprise them. You will be comforted to know when you meet a potentially date-able doctor that they won’t be squeamish when it comes to your medical mishaps and woes!

4. Free doctor visits– If you’re feeling sick and need some expert advice on your tummy trouble or sprained ankle, you can always ask the doctor you’re dating! Dating a nurse or a doctor will definitely come in handy when you get sick at 2 a.m.!

5. They listen well- Doctors are trained to listen very attentively to what you have to say and to process what you are telling them. Dating a female doctor will boost this benefit even more because of a female’s natural caring and attentive nature.

6. They’re fixers- Doctors are trained to fix you. Their job is to problem solve and get everything working back to normal. The reasons to date a nurse or a doctor seem endless and this is probably one of the most important. If your doctor applies the same problem-solving effort to your relationship, you’ll be able to work through your issues more quickly.

7. They’re committed– All of the schooling, studying, training and practicing took a lot of effort and dedication to complete. Dating a physician has many pros and this is a big one. Hopefully, they can apply the same commitment that they had to career preparation to you and your relationship.

8. Interesting conversation- One of the things you can look forward to if you’re trying to figure out how to meet a doctor to date is the stimulating conversation. Doctors are sure to come home with some pretty crazy stories and you’ll get to hear all the freaky, fascinating tales of their day at work. There’s no such thing as “just another day at the office” in the medical field.

9. They’re Dependable– Doctors are often on-call and have to be available at any hour of the day. It is not unusual for a doctor to receive a panicked phone call from a patient at 3 a.m. You can rest assured that your doctor will be there for you any time you need them!

10. Status- Love should have nothing to do with titles or salaries, but doctors do come with a prestigious status. Doctors are highly respected in society and dating one puts you right alongside of them. You’ll be at a swanky dinner party before you know it! Dating a doctor will give you this privilege but figuring out how to marry a doctor would be a huge bonus!

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