The Top 10 Famous T.V. and Movie Doctors

January 5th, 2011

They’re smart, caring, funny, and usually gorgeous. TV and movie doctors have long since been the object of our affection and for good reason: they don’t charge a dime (no hospital bills here)! Famous TV and movie doctors have captured our hearts, or even scared us half to death. Here’s our top 10 list of the most famous TV and movie doctors. See if you can find your favorite on the list!

The Top 10 T.V. and Movie Doctors:

1. Dr. Heathcliff “Cliff” Huxtable – The Cosby’s. An OB-GYN, Dr. Huxtable was the comedic doctor and patriarch of the Cosby family. Played by Bill Cosby, Dr. Huxtable is one of the most famous television doctors that captured the hearts of America.

2.  Dr. Hibbert  – The Simpsons. Dr. Julius Hibbert lets out a sweet, infectious giggle when he offers diagnoses to his patients, which may communicate insensitivity to his patients, but he’s just a really happy guy.  Dr. Hibbert has two kids and a supportive wife. This TV doctor is known throughout Springfield as the best doctor money can buy (a lot of money).

4. Doogie Howser – Doogie Howser MD. After achieving a perfect score on the SAT at age 6, Doogie, played by Neil Patrick Harris, went on to complete high school in 9 weeks, graduated from Princeton at age 10 and finished medical school at 14.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

3. Dr. Benjamin Stone – Doc Hollywood.  This 1991 movie features Michael J. Fox as Dr. Benjamin Stone, a young doctor who spends some time at a small town hospital after his car breaks down. Dr. Stone’s warm, comic touches made him one of the movie doctors we can’t forget.

5. Dr. Henry Frankenstein – from Frankenstein. “It’s alive! It’s alive!” Famous words uttered by Dr. Frankenstein, played by Colin Clive in Universal Pictures’ 1931 film adaptation of the book by Mary Shelley. We love this quirky, mad scientist doctor who put together corpses to make a living being.

6. Dr. Derek Shepherd (aka McDreamy) – Grey’s Anatomy. Dr. Shepherd is the heart-throb surgeon from ABC’s hit show “Grey’s Anatomy.” Loved for his charming good looks, Dr. Shepherd was named “McDreamy” by Meredith, one of his love interests on the show, and the name has stuck among the fans of the character and the show.

7. Dr. Samuel Loomis – Halloween. The arch nemesis to the movie series’ main character and antagonist, Michael Meyers , Dr. Loomis plays the part of child psychologist assigned the six-year-old boy’s case. This iconic character was played by Donald Pleasence in the first four installments of the movie series, followed up in later chapters of the saga by Tom Kane and Malcolm McDowell.

8. Dr. Gregory House – House. Considered one of the most intriguing television doctors, House, portrayed by Hugh Laurie, plays the role of a diagnostician with specializations in infectious diseases and nephrology. Considered one of the most intriguing television doctors, House is loved by many for his Sherlock Holmes-esque approach to medicine, his unending need to solve puzzles and sharp wit.

9.Dr. Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce – Mash. After completing his medical residency in Boston, the doctor, played by Alan Alda, is drafted into the U.S. Army Medical Corps and begins to serve at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (M*A*S*H) during the Korean War.

10. Dr. Hannibal Lector – Silence of the Lambs. When you talk about doctors in movies, Dr. Hannibal Lector is bound to be mentioned. Arguably the creepiest out of all of the famous doctors in movies, Lector, eerily portrayed by Anthony Hopkins, was a psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer who brought an entire new meaning to “having guests for dinner”.

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