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While nearly anyone can make a meal, cooking healthy, yet delicious, meals often requires special talent. Cooking for health can often be difficult because you are working with ingredients that aren’t normally a crowd favorite, such as broccoli, spinach and lima beans! Fortunately, if you prepare fresh, healthy ingredients in the proper way, you will be surprised at just how delicious they can be. The problem lies in not knowing how to make these delicious, good-for-you meals. Luckily, the internet is a goldmine when it comes to finding millions of different healthy recipes.

Healthy cooking blogs are among the most popular in the blogosphere. From mommy bloggers to professionally-trained chefs, the internet is home to countless healthy cooking blogs that can teach you how to prepare healthy fare for you and your family and friends. These bloggers offer beautiful pictures of their heart-warming and health-building meals so you can easily follow their recipes and share them with your loved ones. Our editors at have done hours of research, combing the web for the best healthy cooking blogs around! We’ve spent countless hours reading, cooking and debating, and have finally come up with this impressive list of the Top Healthy Recipes Blogs for 2011.

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The Top 100 Healthy Recipes Blogs for 2011